Epi teaching

My teaching in epidemiology ranges from full courses in basic epidemiology to selected epidemiology lectures for evidence based medicine courses. Below, you can find PDF:s made from powerpoint presentations for my lectures I’ve given recently. Under SAS teaching, you can also find some PDF:s from SAS teaching that I’ve done. You may use any documents below freely for your own reference, but please contact me if you wish to use them in any more formal setting.

Clinical Epidemiology I, MCI, National University of Singapore, August 2009, together with Dr Mikael Hartman

Formulas for epidemiology

Measures of association 1 – comparing disease frequencies

Measures of association 2 – guide for data analysis

Introduction to study design – cohort studies

Introduction to study design – intervention studies

Effect modification

Role of chance

Screening and diagnostic tests

Clinical Epidemiology II, MCI, National University of Singapore, January 2010, together with Dr Mikael Hartman


Indication bias

Advanced sampling in case-control studies

Practical study design

More on screening

Survival analysis II

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Cancer Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health. February 2011

Enigmatic sex differences in cancer – why do men have more cancer?

Epidemiology II – Veneto, 2013

Advanced study design

Practical study design



Indication bias

Intervention studies


Data-Driven Healthcare: Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health with Big Data, MIT Media Lab, February 2014

Big data in health care – a traditionalist’s words of caution